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The Dark Ages are alive and well.  They always have been.  They always will be.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  For a relevant modern example, one needs to look no further than the debate about Human Pregnancy Abortion.  For one side of the debate this is a matter of a woman’s health.  A choice to opt-out of the ravages and health risks that natural reproduction imposes on a woman’s body.  For their opponents, it is the protection of the growing human baby inside of the womb, dependent on their mother to be a hospitable host.  As with any debate, there are those on the fence who sympathize with both sides and simply want the best of both worlds – safe access with responsible limits.

Since the fence sitters can often be 20 percent of the vote or more on any given issue, the debate about Human Pregnancy Abortion often comes down to laws that define “Safe Access” and “Responsible Limits”.  The first part, Safe Access, generally guarantees that Human Pregnancy Abortion will never be made illegal entirely.  The second part, Responsible Limits, generally guarantees that it will never be commonplace at a pharmacy in the 39th week of pregnancy.

With each proposed law and the ensuing debate, participants in this perennial debacle will debate the merits of these concepts.  Human Pregnancy Abortion opponents consistently define “responsible limits” more strictly while supporters look for ways to remove barriers to “safe access”.  Our fence sitters are the ones who have defined the debate with their own opinions and protecting the general population with careful contemplation with which ideologue to cast a supportive ballot.

However, one of the basic premises of this debate seems to me to be a lynchpin for the future.  The premise that a growing human baby, a fetus, an embryo, an egg, requires their host, not only to be a hospitable host, but at all; that an abortion of pregnancy necessarily results in death.

Pregnancy is something that will always end.  If it ends too early (elective abortion or miscarriage) loss of life is unavoidable.  If it ends later in the pregnancy and the baby breathes, it is said that “birth” has occurred.

What if an elective abortion resulted in birth?  What if, scientifically and medically, we could save every fetus through the abortion process and complete gestation in an artificial womb?  It’s a bit of a science fiction scenario, I know, but that’s where most of our modern marvels begin:  Science Fiction.

Under this scenario, the fetus transfer abortion would not be any more invasive to the woman patient than any other in-clinic abortion method.

So the following questions about this crazy hypothetical science fiction situation are up for discussion:

1)       Given that current birth-givers can give up their newborn for adoption with no financial burden, who would foot the medical bills to artificially gestate the fetus to independence?

2)      Would society pick and choose which fetuses to save?  Or would it only be used in situations where the father fought for his child against the abortionist mother?

3)      Would there be psychological effects to a person gestated artificially?  A mother’s baby generally has a bond and connection through sounds, emotions, and movement.  Would the result be a more chemically balanced person or someone that appeared “soulless”?

4)      Do women currently and/or in the future have authority to doom their fetus to death/non-existence, or is that simply coincidental to their authority to no longer be pregnant?

5)      What other questions would make for a good discussion?