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Movie Ticket Inflation

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Standard


Heading through some of my old files, I decided to update a graph I created a few years back.  This is an interesting look over 70+ years at the Value of U.S. Money vs the Value of a Minimum Wage Hour vs the Price of a Movie Ticket.

All three typically stay in lock-step with each other, but you’ll notice that around 1993, the movie ticket started making a dash to catch up and eventually surpass the monetary inflation around 1999.  Today, Movie Ticket Inflation sits $0.91 above monetary inflation.

Note that the best time to be a movie-theater going minimum wage earner was between 1974-1984 when Minimum wage was above the dollar’s inflation and the average movie ticket price.  Since then, minimum wage has struggled to keep up with ticket prices.